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22 August 2014

  Dating, huh? I always’ve done crazy shit, but this might really take the cake. It’s actually serious and that’s just so fucking bazaar bizarre, but fuck, it isn’t bad. Kalen’s adorable and hot at the same time, which makes no fucking sense but I’m definitely not complaining. He’s also real sweet, which is damn confusing, and fuck, sometimes he’s even shy? But he’s flexible (mentally, at least) and seems to genuinely enjoy my company, even adjusting to make me more comftable comfortable. I don’t know if he’s only seeing me because he’s got low self-esteem or what, but fuck if I’m going to question it. 

   Anyway, it’s new ground and I’m not quite sure what we’re doing, but it’s nice. He’s taken me up on the offer of a warm bed, so more often than not, if he’s free, he’s lounging about in the appartment apartment and it’s weird, but in the good way? 

   Other than his appearance, he’s really not my usual type, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing? He makes me smile a lot and his libeto libido is almost as ridiculous as mine, so that’s real nice. Plus, he’s real cuddly and I don’t feel bad or worried or nothing about staying in bed with him the whole night. I’m not worried about overstepping boundaries as much, seeing as that’s what he’s signed up for and all. 

   He treats me as more than a dancer or a performer or a stripper, it’s really nice. I mean, others do too, but they’ve known me longer - it’s real heart-warming to be treated like a regular person, you know?

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